Hello <3 My name is Ronald

Age: 24

Zodiac: Libra

Eyes: Ice blue

Occupation: Student journalist

Education: some college

Relationship status: Divorced

Kids: 1

About me: I adore literature, art, I am interested in politics, I am a writer and I am a professional dancer. I adore the nature and I am not afraid to become dirty. I like music and especially live music! I play tennis, ride horses, I like bowling and billiard. My main hobby and also my job is journalism.

If to tell you the truth it is easy for me to talk about myself, maybe because I am a journalist and it is just easy for me to talk. I am a very many-sided, open to everything new, creative, positive and down to earth man. My friends and family think that I am a kind person and I am very helpful. I love life the way it is and I am trying to enjoy every day like the last one. I am Christian and I have faith in my heart. I never lie to people and I support them, when they need me. I am romantic and sensitive.

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