Hello <3 My name is Mary

Age: 22

Zodiac: Aries

Eyes: Steel blue

Occupation: Unemployed

Education: Some college

Relationship status: Never married

Kids: 0

About me: I can’t say I like discos and loud parties. I love having a rest .I’m interested in psychology. I enjoy interesting books and mysterious things. I think in books one can find answers to any question that worries him. As any book is written by a man who has experienced those feelings and who knows what he’s/she's writing in fact. I like spending time with my friends and a family. I adore walking especially in the country. We have wonderful places for having a rest and learning something more.

I’m a purposeful person. I don’t like lie. And I think that exactly lie is the biggest trouble in the world. I appreciate life despite anything. I’m moving forward despite any obstacles trying not to notice anything. But also I find the biggest problem in myself, as I still didn’t find someone who could share with me not only life but himself.

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