The Mannequin Ensemble is a collection of mannequins where each doll has a loudspeaker installed.

random notes:

presenting fake humans who tries to touch your emotions.

use something dead, and through my struggle to make them real expose their falseness.

wake them to life and make it be up to you to decide whether or not you are touched by something so obviously dead.

make them characters in their own society, with their individual emotions and personal characteristics.

confront you with the question whether or not the dolls possesses human abilities... Whether or not the human reference is so strong that it  transcends into something you can relate to.

visual aesthetics.

almost endless possibilities to write spatial music...

the music will be written to each separate occasion. the piece “canto ergo sum” for 15 mannequins is already written and focuses on the mannquinensembles birth, hence all the sounds derives from white noise. sinus-like tones emerge from the noise and the ensemble works as a choir, singing their first song.